"In this way all Israel will be saved" Rom 11:26

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            Since the Bible says that Israel will be saved, a logical question could be asked.  In what manner, or how will God save Israel?

  In Romans 11:26 it reads: “and in this manner all Israel will be saved.” (NWT)   The NIV Bible reads “and in this way all Israel will be saved”.   

However, before we consider how God will save Israel,  we could ask ourselves this: “Will we be saved?   Some people feel that they have an exclusive relationship with God through their ‘membership’ in a particular religious group.  There are those who claim to be Christian; but are they really?  (Matt 7:212223It’s not about our outward appearance or our membership.It is about our heart condition.  God reads our hearts. (Prov 17:3) (Prov 21:2) (1 Sam 16:7).  God even indicates that individuals, who do in their hearts, what is right, will be considered by him as having his law written on their hearts.  (Rom 2:1415)   The Prophet Jeremiah said to the ancient nation of Israel: “The heart is more treacherous than anything else and is desperate.  Who can know it?  I, the LORD, am searching the heart, examining the kidneys, even to give ...to each one... according to his ways, according to the fruitage of his dealings.”  (Jer 17:910)   God does not take delight in the death of someone wicked. (Eze 18:23) (Eze 33:11) (Isaiah 1:161718)   If a wicked person turns around he will live. (Eze 18:27)  If a good person turns to doing what is bad he will die. (Eze 18:26)  If a person does not turn back from his wrong ways, he will die. (Eze 3:19) (Eze 18:4) God’s way is adjusted right.  (Eze 18:2529)   

The nation of Israel broke their covenant with God. (Jer 31:32They did not turn back from their ways. (Jer 15:67) The Israelites left God.  They did not “turn back” from their bad dealings.  Certain destruction would come. They did not “circumcise their hearts” to God.(Jer 4:4891418222730) (Jer 5:3479111223)  God said he would uproot them and “throw away the house” that he had sanctified. (2Chronicles 7:202122) (Matt.23:38) (Luke 21:20)

 King Solomon was the wisest King of Israel. (2 Chronicles 9:2223) God desires a complete heart.  For all hearts the True God is searching.  If you leave him he will cast you off, forever. (1Chronicles 28:9)  Solomon sinned. (1 Kings 11:456789)  God pleads for sinners to ‘turn back’. (Eze 18:303132)  Whether we are Jewish or Christian, each one has an individual accounting with God.   Ezekiel 18:30 says "I will judge each of you according to your ownways.".  We will each be judged individuallynot as a ‘collective group’. (Matt 16:27) (2 Cor 5:10) (Rom 14:12)    Jesus said the Kingdom of the heavens has become like a man, a king that made a marriage feast for his son.  Read the account at (Matt 22:2-14); those that were invited were found to be ‘unworthy’. They did not respond to the invitation. The king grew wrathful, destroyed those men and burned their city. (Matt 22:7) God disciplined the fleshly nation of Israel in order to get them to repent and turn around.  They did not. The scriptures say “Yet you have not returned to me”.  (Amos 4:1-13)  
The Jewish people of Jesus day could trace their lineage back to Abraham.  This did not secure them a special exemption as a group due to their lineage.  John the Baptist said that they should not presume. (Matt 3:9)   Although God had chosen the nation of Israel and gave them the law, notice what he says about them. (Matt 23:1-38) “This people honors me with their lips, yet their heart is far removed from me.  It is in vain that they keep worshiping me, because they teach commands of men as doctrines.”  (Matt 15:89) They had strayed so far from serving God.   They claimed to be ‘offspring’ of Abraham.  (John 8:3339)  Jesus agreed that they were naturaloffspring of Abraham. (John 8:37)  However, Jesus said their real motives came from a different source. (John 8:404142444547)  He said they were from their father the Devil, (the original serpent). (Rev 12:9) Speaking for God, he called them “Serpentsoffspringof Vipers, how are you to flee from the judgment of Gehenna?” (Matt 23:33

This is very strong language for the natural Israelites of Jesus day.  Jesus does not say this without regret.  Speaking again for God, he says to them “Jerusalem, Jerusalem, the killer of the prophets and stoner of those sent forth to her, how often I wanted to gather your children together, the way a hen gathers her chicks together under her wings!  But you people did not want it.  Look! Your house is abandoned to you”. (Matt 23:3738)  God’s word says The Kingdom of God will be taken from you and be given to a nation producing its fruit.(Matt 21:43)   

Jesus gave the illustration of the owner of the vineyard to illustrate this. “However the cultivators took his slaves, and one they beat up, another they killed, another they stoned.  Again he sent other slaves, more than the first, but they did the same to these. Lastly he sent his son to them, saying, ‘They will respect my son.’ On seeing the son the cultivators said among themselves, ‘This is the heir; come, let us kill him and get his inheritance!’  So they took him and threw him out of the vineyard and killed him.  Therefore when the owner of the vineyard comes, what will he do to those cultivators?”  (Matt 21:33-35) (Matt 21:45)  (Mark 12:89
"He will come and kill those tenants and give the vineyard to others.".....
Not give them His son's inheritance!

They made plans to kill Jesus. They even planned to kill Lazarus because Jesus had resurrected him.  Some became believers due to that miracle.  (John 11:43444546474853) (John 12:91011)  The leaders of God’s own people in the ancient nation of Israel killed God’s son. (Acts 2:36) (Acts 7:515253) (Matt.23:32)

With such a scathing denunciation from God himself, how would this affect the promise to Abraham?  How would all the nations bless themselves by means of his seed?  (Gen 22:151617,18)  Remember, God made the promise to Abraham, not to the entire nation of fleshly descendants.  The nation of Israel, and the Mosaic Law Covenant came about 430 years later.  The Law was added to make transgression manifest, until the seed should come. (Gal.3:19That is, the seed to whom the promise was madeJesus was that promised seed of Abraham! (Gal 3:16) The promise was made to Abraham and his seed, because of Abraham’s faith. (Gal 3:161718)  
It would be good to see who God says Abraham’s seed really is.  Remember, John the Baptist told the “natural” Jews not to presume. (Matt 3:9)  Jesus said that they, (the natural Jews he was speaking to), were spiritually from their father the Devil, not Abraham, nor God. (John 8:44)  As it was prophesied, some of the natural nation of Israel did respond to Jesus ‘invitation’ to become his followers as we will later see, however most of them did not. This would not prevent God from filling the full number of a nation "producing it's fruits" "when due" (John 15:8Matt.7:19).
What does God’s word say about the seed of Abraham?  It would be good to remember not to presume, and not to think ‘physically’, because God’s word says that not all who spring from Israel are really ‘Israel’. (Rom 9:6)  Neither are the children ‘of the flesh’ counted as the seed(Rom 9:78) (Rom 2:2829)  

The Apostle Paul confirms that the promised seed was Jesus Christ. (Gal 3:16Jesus died thus producing many seeds because of his sacrifice. (John 12:24) (Gal 3:262829)  They are Jesusfirstborn sons from the "dead" (Rev.14:420:6Heb.12:23Psalm 45:16).  They are Abraham’s seed with reference to the promise. (Gal 3:29) (Gal 4:28,26,24) ("promise"=New Covenant) They are "Sarah’s" children. (1Peter 3:6) They are the "Israel of God" (Gal 6:16) Sarah is the ‘free woman’. (Gal 4:2223242526)  Sarah is the woman in Revelation chapter 12. (Rev 12:1,2)...the mother of the "male" "child" who rules the Nations with an "iron rod" (Rev.2:26,27)

Those alive on earth in the conclusion of this system of things are the remaining ones of that seed of hers, that Satan goes off to wage war with. (Rev 12:17) This Sarah Covenant gives birth to all of the ‘anointed chosen ones’, throughout the centuries. 
Here are two articles about the woman.


The two women mean  two covenants. (Gal 4:24) The one in the manner of the flesh is Hagar.  Hagar corresponds to the physical Jerusalem. (Gal 4:25)  The other one… the free woman (Sarah)… is the mother of the anointed, through a promise. The Jerusalem above is free and she is their mother. (Gal 4:26)  Sarah is  Jerusalem above.  She is also the bride of Christ. (Rev 21:9,10) (Rev 19:78)  Abraham was waiting for this city, the city having real foundations, not the ‘physical’ one. (Hebrews 11:101316)  This city built by God is the New Jerusalem.  It is not a physical city built with physical stones.  Neither is its temple built with physical stones.   (Acts 17:2425) (Acts 7:4849)  John the Baptist told his fellow ‘natural’ Israelites that God is able to raise up children to Abraham from these stones?  (Matt 3:9)  He may have been referring prophetically to these ‘living stones’ (1Pet.2:5).  The Anointed are the ‘Israel of God’.  (Gal 6:16) (Gal 3:26272829) (Gal 2:21)   The city and its Temple are built with ‘living stones’. (1Peter 2:34567) (1Cor 3:16) (Ephesians 2:202122They are this living city, the New Jerusalem, not built with human hands. They become one with Jesus, just as he is one with God. (John 17:21) (Rev 21:22) (1Cor 6:19) (Rom 12:5)  They are the body of Christ the lamb. (1Cor 12:27)  They are therefore also part of the Temple along with Jesus. (Rev 21:22;5:9,10)  These living stones become a holy nation.  They become a people for special possession. They become the priesthood.  They are ‘chosen’ from all nations, including the Jews. (1Peter 2:9,10) (Rev 5:910)  (Acts 10:34) (Eph.2:19) (Rom.2:2910:12)
(For more on this city made up of ‘living stones’ please see the article on Jacob’s ladder. 

Jesus’ blood first covers the New Covenant with his ‘called’ chosen brothers. (Heb 9:1524) They will make up the ‘administration’. (Eph 1:891011) This is how God will make all things new ("New JerusalemRev.21:2,5).  Along with the primary seed (Jesus), these secondary seeds of Abraham …his anointed brothers, will be the means by which all nations would bless themselves. (Gen 22:18)  In addition God also wants men of all sorts to be saved.  Faith in Jesus will also give salvation to many others when he appears the second time.  (Heb 1:69:28) (John 3:16)  (Titus 2:11) (Acts 10:35)  This means everlasting life. (John 17:3)   He wants all men to come to an accurate knowledge of him and Jesus, the one he sent forth.(1 Tim 2:345)
Not everyone will get saved. (Eze 18:4)  No one gets saved simply because of his relationship with a particular religious group, or his biological lineage.  

God reads our hearts.  The Apostle Paul was formerly Saul of Tarsus. He was a former Israelite and a former Pharisee (Gal 1:14). He was a Hebrew, born of Hebrew parents.  He was born of the tribe of Benjamin. (Philippians 3:2-9)   He was educated at the feet of Gamaliel, a prominent Jewish Law teacher.  Paul became a believer in the Messiah, Jesus Christ.  Paul was no longer bound to all the traditions and the regulations of the Mosaic Law. (Rom 7:46) (Rom 8:1-8) (Gal 2:21) (Rom 10:4)  Speaking to Jews who became Christians, Paul said this: (Rom 2:1724,28, and 29) (Rom 2:1415, and 16) (Gal 3:2628, and 29) (Rom 9:8).  God did not forget the ancient nation of Israel.  Those who put faith in His Son would be saved. (Rom 9:2729) (Eze 14:22)  Paul said that he wished his former Jewish brethren would accept Christ and become Christians. (Rom 9:23) (Rom 10:123) However, it is not up to the one wishing.  It is up to the Father in Heaven. (Rom 9:151618)  Many of the first Century Israelites didrepent and accept Christ Jesus.  Some accounts are found here. (Acts 2:222332363738,394041 and 42) (Acts 3:12345678111213151926,) (Acts 4:4

The number of natural Jews that became followers of Christ kept increasing.  The Apostle Paul had great success in his ministry.  He spread the word to many of his former Jewish brethren hoping to convert them.   We know however, that most of the Israelites rejected the Messiah, despite Paul’s work. (Rom 10:1621) (Acts 13:141516) (Acts 13:16-43) (Acts 13:4445464748) (Acts 13:4950(Acts 3:23) Those who accepted Christ were no longer required to practice the Jewish customs and traditions. (Gal 5:11418)  Christ was the ‘end of the law’. (Rom 10:4,1112) (Rom 8:1234)  He came to fulfill the law. (Matt 5:17)  A Christian is required to obey the law of the Christ…love. (Matt 7:12) (Matt 5:20)  (Matt 22:3536373839) (Matt 22:40(Rom 13:8910) (1 John 4:8) (Gal 5:14) (1 Cor 13:1-13)  Of all the commandments, Love is the greatest one. 

Those that accepted and confessed Jesus as the Messiah were “thrown out” of the synagogues (John16:2Luke6:22).  Many, even of the leaders, did actually put faith in Jesus.  However, on account of the Pharisees they would not confess him. It had already been decided by the religious leaders that anyone would be “thrown out” if they confessed him as the Messiah. (John 9:22) (John 12:42) They would no longer be allowed to be part of the Jewish way of life.  When they became Christians, they no longer practiced Judaic customs with all its regulations.  It was not easy for them to change and stop following the traditions of the men of former times. (Mark 7:12345678913)  Paul even confronted the Apostle Peter for his pretense. (Galatians 2:11121314161921) Paul spoke to the Galatians asking them if they had become “senseless”, because they were sliding backwards and started observing abolished Jewish practices again. (Gal 3:1234) (Gal 4:91011) (Gal 3:7913192425) Being a Jew was no longer the path to divine approval, nor Abraham's inheritance (Gal.3:18Rom.4:14).

In what manner then, will God save Israel?  Some ‘natural’ descendants of Abraham were saved in the first Century as God’s word shows. (Rom 9:27) (Rom 11:5) (Luke 2:34) Some more may yet be saved.  God did not reject them all. (Rom 11:234567)  It will be God’s choosing according to his undeserved kindness as to who gets saved. (Rom 9:14151618)  He reads hearts.   It is not what we wish, but what God wishes.    The anointed are the children of the promise to Abraham and his seed.  It is not about being a ‘natural’ descendant of Abraham. Not all who spring from Israel are really Israel. (Rom 9:6)  Those that have the circumcision of the heart are the true “Israelites”. (Rom 2:29 God will save the Israel of God. (Gal 6:16)   The physical descendants or the children of the ‘natural’ flesh are not counted as the seed of Abraham. (Rom 9:78)  The promise was not through law. (Rom 4:1314) (Gal 2:161921)  (Gal 3:311131824252829)  The promise was made to Abraham and his seed.  JesusIS the ‘primary’ seed. (Gal 3:16)  His ‘chosen’ brothers are God’s children and joint heirs with Jesus. (Rom 8:1617Rev.20:6)  
The Israel of God is made up of ‘natural’ Jews who have become Christians and also many other people who were not ‘natural’ Jews. (John 10:16The two become one people.  (1Cor 12:1213142527) (Eph 2:4514151618) (Eze 14:2223) (Joel 2:32)  Some of the nations found the True God. (Rom 10:2021) (Rom 11:25There is neither Jew nor Greek.  That is correct.  God does not plan to have different forms of worship to him.  Jesus told the Samaritan woman that the "true worship" would not be in Jerusalem. (John 4:122021) Plain and simple...There is neither (no longer) physical Jew, nor physical Gentile.  Whether Jew or Gentile, all had to put faith in Jesus and have their hearts circumcised to God.  Those that did... became “spiritual” Israelites. (Rom 2:29They are all the seed of Abraham through faith in Jesus Christ. (Gal 3:1626272829) (Rom 4:14)
There remains however, a distinction:  
    There are SPIRITUAL Jews (the anointed priests/Israel of God with circumcised heartsRom.2:291Cor.3:16 ), who are bought from all physical nations, including from the physical Jewish nation, and then there are what we can call SPIRITUAL Gentiles... (those whose hearts remain or become uncircumcised / not a part of the "temple" of chosen priests...whether these were physical Jews or physical Gentiles).

What matters is the circumcision of the heart by spirit (spiritual Jew), not one's circumcision of the flesh (physical Jew/Abraham lineage).

This Israel of God is made up of all nations, both physical Jew and Gentile, who are members of the ‘New Covenant’.  They will be a kingdom administration of kings and priests, to rule upon the earth. (Eph 1:891011) (Rev 5:910)   They are the Holy City, the New Jerusalem, the Bride of Christ seen coming down out of heaven. They are the tent (tabernacle) of God.  They will assist Jesus as he makes all things new for God. (Rev 21:2345)   Just as God’s Holy Spirit filled the tabernacle (tent), so also will they be filled with Holy Spirit. (Ex 40:3435) (Ex 35:11)  

The anointed who prove faithful are the Temple of God.  His spirit dwells in them. (1Cor 3:16) (Eph 2:202122) They are his spiritual house. (1 Pet 2:5)  There is no need to build a physical temple, in the physical city of Jerusalem, in the Middle East.  God does not dwell in man-made temples.   (Acts 7:444546474849)   (Acts 17:2425) (Rev 21:222)  It was not God’s idea to build a physical temple of stones.  That was King David’s idea.  (1Chron 17:13456God asked for a tent, as an illustration, until the appointed time to set things straight.  This is the ‘true tent’ that God puts up and not man.  (Heb 8:2) (Heb 9:89101115)  Jesus spoke to the Samaritan woman (a descendant of Jacob).  She said: “Our forefathers worshiped in this mountain; but you people say that in Jerusalem is the place where persons ought to worship”.  Jesus said to her: “Believe me, woman, the hour is coming when neither in this mountain, nor in Jerusalem will you people worship the Father”. It would not be in the physical city of Jerusalem.  It would not be in the mountain of Samaria.  (John 4:122021)  In fact it will not be in any mountain-like religious organization where true worshipers will worship.  The true worshipers will worship the Father with spirit and truth. (John 4:2324) (John 17:17)  

It is important that each of us examine our own form of worship.  Do we imagine that by our natural birth or by our association with a particular religious organization, that we will be saved?  God is not partial.  He is examining the individual hearts of all men. (Acts 10:3435) (1 Chronicles 28:9) (Psalms 11:4)   Each ones work will be revealed by fire. (1 Cor 3:13)  Should those of us who were formerly of the Jewish religion return to the traditions of Judaism? Jesus said to get out of Jerusalemnot enter into her. (Luke 21:202122)  He told the Samaritan woman that it would not be in Jerusalem or the mountain of Samaria where any true worshiper would worship God.  
Should anyone return to Jerusalem in the Middle East in order to rebuild the city and its Temple? God did not request this. (1 Chron 17:56) Why would God again want to impose the Law? Even the Jewish forefathers were not capable of bearing it. (Acts 15:10)  See Acts chapter 15.  (Acts 15:157891011131415161718192829)   
No one gets saved because of the Law of Moses. (Acts 15:11) (Rom 3:24) (Heb 8:7891013) (Rom 10:9) The Law is not binding. We were discharged from the law. (Rom 7:6)  Christ was the end of the law. (Rom 10:4)   We must remember though, that none of us who have any religious background have reason to boast.  (1 Cor 1:27282931) (Eph 2:9)  

All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. (Rom 3:2324)  Job realized the error of feeling self-righteous.  (Job 32:12) (Job 38:123) (Job 40:12345) (Job 42:1235,6)  Many people today are prideful as respects there form of religion.  They feel self-assured with their way of worship. The Pharisees had this attitude.  We will all be surprised just how far we all fall short in God's eyes.    Keep Jesus’ mental attitude in us.  (Phil 2:123567,891011) (Luke 17:10)   

Jesus said:  If our own righteousness does not abound more than that of the Pharisees we will not enter the kingdom.  (Matt 5:20)   Jesus said we should seek first the kingdom and God’s righteousness. (Matt 6:33)  Warnings were given to Christians in the first Century. (1Cor 10:1-5,1112)  Let him that thinks he is standing beware that he does not fall.  Who can stand when the true Lord comes? (Malachi 3:12... Who can stand?...   Jesus said he that endures to the end is the one who will be saved.  (Matt 10:22)  

Judgment starts with the house of God. (1 Peter 4:17)  Those that are anointed need to wake up and touch nothing unclean. (2 Cor 6:1617)  Jesus said to get out of Judea when you discerned the disgusting thing standing in a holy place.  He said those days will be days of tribulation that will never occur again.  In fact unless those days were cut short no flesh would besaved (Luke13:23).  On account of the Chosen Ones, those days will be cut short. (Rev.9:14;12:14Rom 9:29Mark 13:141920) (Matt 24:151621)  

  Those of the anointed that respond and repent will be saved.  In addition God wants men of all sorts to attain to repentance and come to an accurate knowledge of him and his son Jesus. (1 Tim 2:4) (John 17:3)  Without faith in Jesus there is no salvation.  No one comes to the Father except through Jesus Christ. (John 14:6)  There is not another name given by which we must get saved. (Acts 4:101112) (Acts 28:28) (Rev 7:10) (Heb 5:9

Jesus Christ never spoke of his own opinion. (John 7:15161718) (John 8:28)  What he said came from God.  God’s word is truth. (John 17:17) Jesus is the Word of God. (John 1:114) (Rev 19:13)

How God saves Israel is his decision.   The scriptures are here and they are clear. (They tell who God considers is the Israel of God and the promised seed of Abraham). (Each person gets examined and judged individually.  We all have an individual accounting).  This is not a matter of our opinions.   God will show mercy to the ones he wishes. (Rom 9:16)  Not what we wish.  God says “I want mercy and not sacrifice. (Matt 5:7) (Matt 9:13) (Matt 12:7)   None of us have reason to boast.  All have sinned... including the anointed. If the anointed are being saved with difficulty, how will the rest fare?  A requirement to be saved is repentance.  We all have to attain to repentance.  A good place to start is in our own heart.  God reads hearts.  If the law of his Christ is found in our heart we are doing quite well. (James 2:8)  Of all the commandments, Love is the greatest one.  (http://love-obadiah.blogspot.com/)   

Love will cover all of God’s commandments. (Matt 7:12) (Rom 13:8910) (Gal 5:14) (Gal 6:2)  (1 John 4:20)
  Let us focus on Love and Mercy... now...While the acceptable time is here.  The day of a man's death is more important that the day of his birth.  In the end we prove where our hearts are.  We prove which seeds we nourished in our hearts : (See Wheat or Weeds )

  Do not presume.   It may turn out that the "coming as a thief in the night" is already upon us. It may turn out that now is our judgement day.   We all know how Christians should act.  Live today as if it were your last day.  We know what Jesus said:  (Matt 7:21,24,26)  Where will you build your house?
 God reads our hearts now. 
Do not mock him!  (Gal 6:7)

As for those already asleep in death;
 He has seen the hearts of those asleep in death while they were alive. He will have mercy on those that he will have mercy on. 

Yes, God will save Israel in which ever manner he chooses. (Rom 11:26)  

But the question each person alive today should individually be asking is this:  
“Will I be saved ?”    (Rom 14:12) 
May the Heavenly Father show mercy towards us all.

Agape, Obadiah.


A Message to all Those Who Consider Themselves "Chosen" to be Heirs with Jesus Christ

       God disciplined the fleshly nation of Israel in order to get them to repent and turn around.  They did not. The scriptures say “Yet you have not returned to me”.  (Amos 4:1-13)  If he disciplined the fleshly nation of natural Jews, will he not also examine you, the Israel of God?  Judgment starts with the house of God. (1Pet 4:17) (Eph 2:19,20

     Even those ‘chosen’ to become ‘anointed’ brothers of Jesus will be judged individually and must repent or they will not be accepted by Christ. (Rev 2:45162123)  

     If you have truly been chosen, you need to wake up from your slumber and get your lamps in order.  Five of the virgins were foolish.  Five were discreet.  All were asleep when the call went out that the Bridegroom was approaching. (Matt 25:1-13)

  The marriage feast has been prepared!  Where are you?     Do you imagine that your being chosen indicates that you were already found spotless and unblemished? Are you already "full"? (Matt 5:3,6) (1Cor.4:8) (Luke 6:24,25) (Rev.3:17)(In the (NWT) of the Bible, Peter said to be finally found by him spotless and unblemished. (2 Peter 3:14) (Matt 24:13) Jesus told his Apostles to exert themselves vigorously to get in. (Luke 13:246:46) (Matt.7:21)  Paul said to keep working out YOUR OWN salvation with fear and trembling. (Philippians 2:12)  There is a refining work that is taking place right now. Who can stand? (Mal 3:23) (Daniel 11:35) (Rev 3:1718192022)  

        It is Jesus who will decide if you are ‘chosen’/sealed or not, when he comes to make an accounting of his slaves.  Each one is inspected individually, not organizationally.  (Matt 16:27) (2 Cor 5:10) (Rom 14:12)   Jesus is the master.  He gave all his slaves talents.  What are you doing with the talents that he gave you? (1Cor 12:7,11,27)  Do not shrink back! (Hebrews 10:3536373839)  Are you content to do what other men, such as ‘The Steward’ of the WTBTS has decided you should do with those talents?  Do you teach doctrines that they have decided should be taught? Have they become your substitute for Holy Spirit? (Gal 1:11,12,16,17)

Jesus said that the leaders of his day had made the word of God invalid because of men's traditions. (Matt 15:36789)   They teach commands of men as doctrine.  Are you allowing men to decide what work that the Holy Spirit should give you to do? (1 John 2:2027)    We must obey God as ruler rather than men. (Acts 5:29)  Are you pleasing men? (Gal 1:101112)  You cannot slave for both masters, therefore... Stop being slaves of men! (1 Cor 7:23)   You cannot abdicate your responsibilities (Matt.25:26).  You can not turn to men for what you teach (Matt.25:9Gen.3:12Rev.17:1814:8). The master committed talents to you.  It is your responsibility to dispense your talents, not the Steward’s (Gal.6:4).  The Steward will be judged by Jesus.  You will be judged by Jesus.  Each one will be judged individually (Rom 14:12) and can not blame another for failure (2Tim4:2

Let him that has ears hear what the Spirit says.

Agape, Obadiah  (http://obadiah-blogs.blogspot.com/)